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Perhaps money is the most wanted thing in this world. It is the most important thing in the world. Many are constantly searching how to become rich. Remember the saying that goes "No money no honey". Money make you free in this world. If you have much money you are respected in this world. There are many ways to earn money. You can maximize your abilities to earn much money. You can have two or more sources of money if you have many abilities. It means that you can have other earnings besides your main job. You can have a main job and a sideline jobs. You can do your sideline jobs during your free time. Here it is easy to find sideline jobs during your free time. Sometimes your main job requires you to render overtime. Here you find ways to have sideline jobs through the internet and become rich in it. You can become rich on regular salary only on your main job. Because it is in the internet you can do it anywhere and anytime you want as long as you have internet connection. You can do this in the comfort of your home. Internet connection to the far flung areas is not any more a problem today.It is now possible through 3G cellphone and wireless internet. What you need are 3G cellphone or wireless internet equipment and a computer. The charge of the internet connection is in a prepaid basis.You pay only the service if you use it. Wired internet service has also a service like this. Tell a Friend

When you have much money you can have everything you want. You can go to places you want. You can eat what you want. You can ride to a most beautiful car. You can sleep in best hotels. You can wear the best wardrobe in town. You can enjoy eating and drinking with your friends. You can go to many tourist spot you want without worrying of running out of money. You will have all luxuries in life if you have much money. Others have many wives because they have much money. If they got sick there is no problem because they have money to pay the best hospitals they will go. If you have much money, people are looking high on you. There was a rich man who want to experience the life of a poor because he has not experienced the life of the poor since he was born. What he did was he rode in a public utility jeepney when he paid his fare, the driver said "Don't pay I am your illegitimate son. There he failed to experience the life of the poor. He slept in a cheap inn when he was about to pay the room rental, the cashier said "Don't pay this is your inn". When he took a snack on small store when was about to pay, the store owner said "Don't pay I am your tenant". There he really failed to experience the life of a poor. Maybe in the future rich people will not anymore die. They have the money to pay to scientist doctors to stop them from aging or cure their deadly diseases. Or if they die through accident, scientist doctors can resurrect them. That is when scientists already understand the mysteries of human body and all the disease will be cured already. When you are already rich, inorder for you to be safe if you travel to tourist spot use credit card on all your major purchases. Don't bring much cash to avoid being robbed or hold-up. If you have questions or comments to this, email to aldmobo@gmail.com

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